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Using Military Dog Tag as Keychain: A Creative Way to Display Your Identity


Military dog tags have been used for decades to identify soldiers and convey essential information about them. These tags contain vital information such as the wearer's name, blood type, and military identification number. However, in recent years, military dog tags have become more than just a means of identification. People now use them as fashion accessories and even as keychains. In this article, we will explore how to use military dog tags as keychains and some creative ways to display them.

How to Use Military Dog Tags as Keychains

Military dog tags can make for excellent keychains. Here's how to have them:

First, choosing the authentic military dog tag from https://militarydogtag.com/. It'll be custom-made according to your wish. The tag is made of durable stainless steel, and has enough space to fit all your necessary information.

Next, you need to add a keyring to your military dog tag. You can use a standard split ring or a carabiner clip. Choose a keyring that is strong enough to hold your keys and the tag securely.

Finally, you need to attach your military dog tag to your keys. Use the keyring to attach the tag to your keychain or thread a piece of paracord through the tag's hole and tie it to your keys.


Benefits of Using Military Dog Tags as Keychains

One of the primary benefits of using military dog tags as keychains is easy identification. If you lose your keys, anyone who finds them can quickly identify the owner. It is also tough & durable to all wear and tear. 

Military dog tag can be attached to car keys, locker keys, house keys, shop keys etc. When you have too many keys and having problem to identify them, you can also attach the military tag with the key. 

To summarize, in addition to being a unique keychain, the Military Dog Tag keychain also serves a practical purpose in situations of loss or emergency. Those who have used it often recommend it to their loved ones.