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Top 4 Ideas for Metal Dog Tag Uses

Top 4 Ideas for Metal Dog Tag Uses


Most people are familiar with metal dog tags being used for military applications. The interesting thing is that these tags have several other uses aside from being worn by soldiers in the armed forces. The following uses for metal dog tags are just the tip of the iceberg because you can do so much more with these versatile items, but they’re a good start for anyone who wants to find alternative uses for them.

1. Children’s ID Tags


You can adapt your metal dog tags into ID tags for yourself and your kids to wear when traveling. The tags can be inscribed with your kids’ personal details as well as their medical information and contact details just in case they get lost or get involved in an emergency situation while traveling.

Basically, using metal dog tags as ID tags will make it so much easier for someone who wants to help you or your kids in an emergency situation, because then they’ll have all the right information at their disposal to assist you. 

2. Property Tags


Metal dog tags can also come in handy when you want to label personal effects like luggage bags, digital devices, and even your car or house keys. We especially like the idea of attaching metal dog tags onto keys because it improves your chances of recovering them in case they get lost. Just make sure to inscribe all of your contact details onto the tags so that the person who picks up your lost personal effects can contact you.

3. Pet Name Tags


You can also turn your metal dog tags into ID tags for your pets by engraving their names as well as your contact details onto them. You can then attach the tags onto your pet’s collar so that they’re clearly visible for everyone to see. 

The best part about using metal dog tags for this purpose is that you can customize their color to match with your cat or dog’s collar. Plus if your pet gets lost while wearing their personalized metal dog tag, it’ll be easier for anyone who picks them up to find you and return your furry friend safely home.

4. Medication Tags


Metal dog tags can also be helpful in medical situations. For example, let’s say you have a debilitating allergy or a condition like asthma. You can inscribe information about your condition onto your metal dog tag so that it’s easier for medical personnel to provide you with the help you need in an emergency situation.  However, in order for this to work you have to keep your metal dog tag with you at all times, and you can either wear it as a chain around your neck (which is what soldiers do), or attach it to your purse or any personal effect that you keep with you on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are numerous uses for metal dog tags and with a bit of imagination and research you can come up with a lot more ideas.