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Military Dog Tags as Medical ID Tag

The Real-Life Scenario

Mary had been living with her peanut allergy for her entire life, but one day when dining alone at the restaurant, she ingested powdered peanut mixed in the gravy without knowing about it. 

In minutes, her throat began to swell and she had difficulty breathing. The restaurant waitress noticed the situation and quickly went up to help. At that moment, Mary wasn't able to speak clearly. She wasn't sure what to do to help. The restaurant manager reacted immediately by calling for an ambulance. 

When the emergency responders arrived after 10 minutes, the emergency responders were able to quickly locate Mary's medical alert bracelet. Luckily, Mary was wearing a medical alert tag that clearly stated her peanut allergy and the need for an epinephrine injection. The paramedics were able to provide the necessary treatment to save her life without having further examination in the hospital.

Without the medical alert tag, the paramedics may not have been able to quickly identify the problem and provide the appropriate treatment.

Other Uses for Medical Aid

Military tag / medical tag can also be helpful for people who are unable to communicate their medical needs due to conditions such as dementia, autism, or developmental disabilities. In these cases, a medical tag can provide essential information to first responders and medical personnel that can help them provide better care.

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