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Military Dog Tags on Paracord Bracelet

What is a Paracord Bracelet with Military Dog Tags?

A paracord bracelet with military dog tag is a bracelet made from durable paracord material that is braided into a stylish design, with wide range of colors available. The bracelet also features a military dog tag, which can be customized with your name, rank, and other important information.

Uses of a Paracord Bracelet with Military Dog Tag:

  1. Men accessory: The paracord bracelet with military dog tag is a functional accessory that can be worn every day with high durability. 
  2. Survival tool: In emergency situations, the paracord bracelet can be unraveled to provide a length of strong cord that can be used for a variety of purposes, from building shelter to securing gear.
  3. Identification: The military dog tag can be customized with your personal information, making it a useful form of identification in case of an emergency.

Customizing Your Paracord Bracelet with Military Dog Tag

To customize the military tag, go to https://militarydogtag.com/ to choose the tag. 

You can customize your dog tag with up to 5 rows of text, each of which can contain a maximum of 14 characters.

Available characters include the following:  

1234567890 &',.-/()@*+~!?":

1 character is equivalent to 1 letter/ 1 number/ 1 space/ 1 punctuation mark.
You can either have the same message on both tags; or a different message on each tag.

An Example:

Row 1: First Name 
Row 2: Surname
Row 3: Social Number
Row 4: Blood Group
Row 5: Medical Info/ Emergency Contact

Modification & DIY




If you’re looking for a unique & functional way to wear the tag, the paracord bracelet with military dog tag is the perfect accessory for you. With its durable paracord material, customizable military dog tag, and versatility as a survival tool, it’s not just a style statement - it’s a useful tool that could come in handy in emergency situations. So, why not get one with us today for your next outdoor activity?